The Game Builder course

Participate in our Online Game Builder course to become ready to present players with your own customized learning journey!


Participants in this course will get:

- An introduction too all of the main aspects of the Game Builder tool

- Practice in coming up with and producing game narratives

- Knowledge og how to customize any existing Actee game - or creating one from scratch!

- In-depth knowledge of how Actee games work - which can help you understand baseline games better

- Tips and tricks on how to integrate new theories into games

- Insights to how machine learning tools can help you create input for your game texts

- A diploma once you have completed the course


The course itself

This Self Study program is contained in a single Actee session and touches upon the following topics:

  1. Game Builder introduction
  2. Structure
  3. Theory
  4. Narratives
  5. Stakeholders
  6. Using AI to produce text
  7. Game movement
  8. Finalizing a game


Each topic will consist of a video guide and an exercise to help you get the practical knowledge of how to build games.


Videos: Will provide a visual introduction to the topics discussed and help you find your way around the system.


Exercises: Will aim to get you started with your own customizations and provide further tips and tricks to support the input from the videos.


Feel free to contact Actee if you have questions about the Game Builder tool - or if you're looking for sparring about a specific game customization!