What is the Game Builder?

The Game Builder is a tool, which enables you to design or tailor your own games from your subscription. 

You can build your own game within the main concepts of Cycle, Barometer, and Bubbles, where you can choose both long, short, and mini versions. You can create your own games by using one of our existing games templates. Certified consultants with their own free subscription can access the Game Builder and Company subscriptions as well. Click here to find out more about our packages!

Please be aware that you need to have a paid subscription or access to a subscription as a superuser in order to work with the Game Builder tool.

Gaining access can be done by either being part of a company subscription or by registering as a certified consultant and creating a partner module. If you are interested in purchasing a company subscription, you should click here to find out more. If you have participated in a facilitated certification or self study program, you should consider registering for a subscription.

Depending on your purpose and goals, you can use the Game Builder to build a new game with your own storyline, dilemmas, and theories or you can just change a few elements (e.g. company name or stakeholder descriptions - see the adjustable elements in the list below).

If you are interested in grappling with designing or making your own adjusted game version in one of the game concepts, you can go to the Game Builder tool, which will walk you through the necessary steps and help you to get started with building your game.

Adjustable Game Elements


If you still have doubts and questions regarding these topics please let us know via email at info@actee.com or call us at +4570707505.