ActeeChange Multiplayer
ActeeChange Multiplayer

Some of you who have tried to play computer games will know the term multiplayer. And in our ActeeChange games, it is actually the same thing. As players you can sit in the same room – or in different countries, using your own device, but being part of the same game interacting with each other.  You can play in groups of 2 – 6 people.



Participants need their own device because the multiplayer function demands that each participant makes an individual choice, and thereafter the group as a whole should agree on a choice to move forward with.

If the participants play the game separately, the setup on-screen allows them to see what choices the other participants have made and gives them a chance to make a new choice, which corresponds with the rest of the group or suggests their own choice to the group.


But the participants will need to discuss their choices within the group and choose how to proceed. This creates a reflection on multiple levels.  

As a facilitator using multiplayer you can get an overview of the groups' positions and show these via the tool called Session View. You can project it onto a big screen from your computer and spark discussion on how the groups have come to their decisions.