Do You Want A Disruptive New Year’s Resolution?

New Year’s resolutions are about change, often about improving yourself. But this year I have chosen some resolutions that I think will make a difference for me as a leader.

CEO, Leif Sørensen

My resolution is not about losing weight, running a marathon or stop screaming at my children, when they get to my nerves. I don’t like those types of promise, I don’t like to hear about them and I don’t like to try and suffer from them. Because THEY DON’T WORK.  If you want to achieve some behavioural change it is deadly necessary to know exactly why and in what settings this will do something for you. Don’t get carried away by the ‘new year – new me’ feeling that hits most of us standing on the edge of a new year with a glass of champagne in the hand, listening to the City Hall bells forecasting a new year, where everything is possible.

Over the last 10 years, I have had New Year’s resolutions that were mostly related to myself, and lesser about how I interact with the world. Don´t drink alcohol or eat meat for a year, for example. But this year I wanted to make resolutions, which would matter in relation to my surroundings, and especially to how I act as a leader.

These are my most disruptive resolutions:

1. I don’t want to use irony. It has led to a lot of guessing, and to be honest it was a trick to escape from saying, what I really thought about the world in front of me.

2. I practice stating in a resonant way if I disagree in any conversations. It reminds me that different standpoints are interesting and that disagreeing is a very developing process.

3. Getting better a registering, when I lose my attention to the conversation. It is just more fun to talk to people, when you are actually listening to what they are saying, and not just scrolling down your mental to-do list.

What is your most disruptive New Year’s resolution?