🌿 Exciting Milestone for GameForGreen: A Leap Towards Sustainable Behavior! 🌍

50% of participants would go home and make a behavioral change....

We're thrilled to share a significant achievement in our journey with the GameForGreen #g4g project, an initiative aimed at harnessing the power of #gaming to foster #sustainability. As we navigate the challenge of reducing CO2 emissions from both households and businesses, our goal has been clear:

"To create games that not only engage but also inspire real-world actions toward a more sustainable future".

The Major Success: Our recent trials have demonstrated that we can achieve this ambitious goal.

The ability of our games to influence behaviors within the digital realm and then extend those behaviors into real-world practices marks a significant victory for the GameForGreen project.

This success underscores the potential of serious gaming as a tool for democratic engagement and behavioral change toward sustainability.

About Game for Green: Funded in part by Innovation Fund Denmark
Provice ApS Roskilde University and Actee.
Game for Green is dedicated to add to Actee a cutting-edge digital gaming platform. This platform enables municipalities, businesses, organizations, and consultants to develop and distribute games that educate and inform about sustainable practices using G4G findings to feed the #AI #game #development process. Our target audiences include households, public institutions, housing associations, and employees, all of whom play a crucial role in our shared environmental journey.
By integrating gaming with AI and the mission to educate and inspire sustainable behavior changes, Game for Green stands at the forefront of innovative approaches to environmental stewardship.
We're not just playing games; we're crafting a greener future, one digital adventure at a time.
Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to expand our platform and explore new ways to engage communities in sustainability. Together, we can make a difference, one game at a time.

#Act´ee now or swim later.....🌳💡

Contact us if you want to test the first iteration of a G4G game tested on a group of people - Showing 50% of participants would go home and make a behavioral change....

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