Exciting News: The New Barometer Game is Now Live!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest innovation, the new Barometer game! After three months of rigorous testing and development, we're excited to present this enhanced experience to you. Here's what you can expect in this update:

  • The Why.
  • The stakeholder section.
  • The video enhancement.
  • The points.
  • Other great things to know.

The Why:

Our primary objective was to streamline the gameplay, making it easier for players to understand the game board. We achieved this by introducing the barometer, symbolizing stakeholders' collective feelings and insights.



The Stakeholder section:

We've expanded the stakeholder section to provide more depth and focus on the individuals players encounter in the game. This section not only offers insights into stakeholder reactions but also delves into the underlying model and theories driving the game dynamics.


The Video enhancement:

The video experience has been enhanced for full-screen viewing, with introductory text overlays remaining visible for classroom and asynchronous training settings. We've made it more engaging, allowing players to enjoy sound while playing asynchronously.


The points:

Players now earn points for moving in a positive direction, with deductions for setbacks in both the Barometer and Goals. Each game may have unique goals and barometer settings, determined by the game designer. Refer to the facilitation guide for specific details or contact the game designer for further information.


There are 2 Dynamic elements that change as the payer is playing the game (Barometer and Goals)...

1. The Barometer

The barometer movement is determined by the underlying model in the game. Each stakeholder's reaction and the collective stakeholder’s response create the overall movement. 

This means if your stakeholders are reacting with a negative response you get a negative barometer result, and you can follow who of the stakeholders are reacting. This allows the player to examine what the specific stakeholder is asking for.


2. The goals

Game goals, like barometer settings, are customizable by the game designer to suit the storyline and friction of the game. Players can monitor progress on both barometer and goal fronts, tracking their decisions' impact.



Other Enhancements:

The new game board features improved visuals.

Result screens and history views have been upgraded for better clarity.

The game builder remains available for customizing movements, goals, and theories to your preferences.

Ready to experience the new Barometer game? 


Comment, questions, or feedback let us know at info@actee.com or call us at 0045 2879477 or chat with us using the link in the lower right corner.


Try out a free barometer game HERE