New Data Module Updates

Here are the latest updates to the feedback tool in the Data Module

Here are the latest updates to the feedback tool in the Data Module

For a long time, you have been able to see which choices and types of choices that you have prioritized when playing Actee games. However, now you will be able to not only access the old features but also to review the theoretical aspect of the game and learn more about the theoretical topics you have handled in the game.



What Does It Mean?

The update to the profile tool means that you can leave an Actee game with an even better understanding of how to handle leadership challenges and change processes. If you are facilitating Actee games, you will have even more to discuss with your clients. Whenever you make choices in an Actee game, that choice will be related to at least one theoretical category. These categories or topics will be presented to you at the end of the game.




An Example

One of the most common theoretical themes in ActeeChange games is Resistance. Whenever you increase or reduce resistance levels for stakeholders in a game, it will be registered in the profile tool. If you have reduced resistance several times within the game, you will be presented with the consequences of dealing with change projects in this specific manner - both the beneficial and the potentially problematic consequences. In the picture below, you can see how the player is first introduced to a general understanding of how resistance applies to change processes. Just below that text, you will find a 'positive feedback' that explains the benefits of reducing resistance and a 'negative feedback' that explains potential problems with maintaining a constant focus on resistance.



Great! How Do I Access My Profile?

Accessing the feature is easy and will be possible just after finishing an Actee game. Once you make your final choice and end up in the game overview, you can continue to the Data Module. From here, you must find the button called 'go to profile view':



What Are You Waiting For?

This tool lets you get feedback on future- as well as already completed games! You can experience the profile tool right away and start using it in your training!