Innovate Your Sales Strategy

Use our Co-Creation scenario to be innovative.

Do you experience higher expectations for the products and solutions you deliver and does the customer have a better overview and shops between suppliers? It could point towards a necessity to change the way you think and work with sales and relational sales processes in order to obtain a better, and more long-lasting cooperation with customers.

Co-Creation – Innovate Your Sales Strategy

In cooperation with Régis Lemmens, Actee has developed a case, which helps you to go from a product-oriented sales strategy towards a customer-oriented co-creation process.
By understanding what creates value for your customers, you can achieve long-lasting sales relations where dialogue and mutual exchange of knowledge are important parts of your business agreement.

The case gives you the opportunity to simulate your way through a process, where you have the responsibility of developing your internal sales team and at the same time co-create a solution between your organization and the customer organization.


The Simulation

- Gives you knowledge and awareness regarding which structural issues you must take into consideration

- Creates reflection about reactions to changes throughout the process.

- Makes you aware of your own role and way of dealing with challenges when you work with changes.


More About The Case

The case is designed for you who choose to prioritize to change from a traditional, product-oriented sales organization to a more innovative way of establishing lasting sales relations. This is, of course, a transition that will challenge the organization on its capabilities.

The motto is: First sell – and then develop the solution in close cooperation with the customer.

The case is built upon 4 principles that underlie the co-creation process. The principles are:

1. Focus on ends versus means

2. Turn the customer into an active partner

3. Develop value propositions based on organizational capabilities

4. Focus on learning through dialogue and on building relationships


In addition to the innovative co-creation sales strategy, Rick Maurer’s theory about resistance to change is built into the simulator. With this combination of focus areas in the case, you will work with both the organizational processes and with the involvement and engagement of stakeholders throughout the simulation process. You will gain more knowledge about which reactions your own actions can cause, and which managerial tools are appropriate to use.

In brief – you will be well prepared to turn around sales strategies and handle important change processes in your organization.

You can play the case HERE.