Navigating Client Expectations: A Founder's Battle for no discount!

Embark on the global business battlefield with Leif Sørensen, founder of a Danish Learning Games company. Explore Actee's commitment to integrity, resisting discounts, and prioritizing affordability for consultant clients. In negotiations, Actee fights for excellence, shaping a distinct identity—a bastion of integrity. Stand alongside Actee to craft a legacy—one negotiation at a time.


Entering the arena of global business as the founder of a small Danish Learning games company is akin to stepping onto a battlefield—excitement mingled with apprehension. Each encounter with esteemed clients presents a challenge to our integrity and resilience. In this raw and unfiltered reflection, join me as we navigate the treacherous terrain of client demands while fiercely defending the essence of our company.


Temptation and Sacrifice:

The siren call of sealing deals with industry titans is irresistible, but it comes with a heavy toll. As we negotiate with these giants, the pressure to offer discounts or throw in complimentary services looms like a shadow, threatening to undermine our very existence! Let me give some insight to my reflection.


The Cost of Growth:

The cost of growth is significant. It demands sacrifices, not just financially, but also in the compromises we're forced to make. Each time we yield to clients' demands, it erodes our identity, prompting us to question whether progress is worth sacrificing our integrity. It's important to remember that our identity is deeply connected to the products, services, and ethos we bring to the world. At Actee, our mission is to drive positive change through the power of games. Offering discounts would undermine this goal and hinder our ability to contribute meaningfully to the world!



Protecting Our Consultant Clients:

Our global and local consultant clients operate in a ruthless arena where every advantage is fiercely contested. To shield them from the onslaught, we've chosen to withhold one-off solutions from end clients. Instead, we arm our consultant partners with exclusive access to these specialized solutions (game building, course creation, AI translation, video games as part of L&D toolbox etc.), empowering them to wield superior quality and contextually relevant learning products in their battles.

In the same perspective, we recognize the challenges faced by our consultant clients. To safeguard interests across the value chain, we have consciously chosen not to offer discounts.

I believe discount creates unsafety and potentially could undermine their competitive positioning. Instead, our pricing reflects a commitment to affordability and accessibility, ensuring that our game products remain within reach while allowing our consultant clients to maintain their competitive edge. This is creating transparency by openly pricing each element within a package (service, time, Actee game, hotels and so on)


Proving Our Worth:

In the crucible of client demands, our worth is tested relentlessly. It's not enough to assert our value proposition; we must fight tooth and nail to showcase our resilience, ingenuity, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Each negotiation is a battlefield, a reminder of the blood, sweat, and tears that have brought us to this pivotal moment—a legacy we refuse to let slip through our fingers for a few bucks in discount to a giant of a company.

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Strategies for Self-Preservation:

As guardians of our company's vision, mission and values, maintaining integrity amidst the chaos is our paramount duty. We draw lines in the sand and cling fiercely to our principles, refusing to be swayed by the allure of compromise. By embracing our uniqueness and harnessing our strengths, we carve out a distinct identity—a bastion of integrity in a cutthroat world.



In the swirling maelstrom of client negotiations with giant clients who we really value and want to work with, it's easy to lose sight of our purpose. Yet, as the founder, I humbly acknowledge the challenges that lie ahead and the battles yet to be fought. As we continue to face off against esteemed clients, I implore you to join us in this crusade for integrity and value. Together, let us forge a legacy—one negotiation at a time. But we cannot do it alone. We need your support, your wisdom, and your strength. Will you stand with us?


Leif Sørensen

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