The Green initiative from us

At Actee we want to choose the sustainable choices in every way we drive the business. This have influenced how we serve you as a client in many ways - here is a few things we are proud about: 


We love to socialize and stay connected with our network of + 2000 certified colleagues and clients around the world. But we don’t want to fly due to the impact on the world’s resources.  

If we fly, we need 3 meetings 2 days in a row to justify taking a flight.  

We prefer to have online meetings since this means we do not drive or fly – If we drive, we need a good argument and a room full of people asking us to join in person.       


Thriving at Actee  

Our lunch is including as little meat as possible, and we buy ecological food if possible. We eat lunch together for thriving purposes.  

We have two thriving conversations per year with colleagues to ensure we all have the transparency and tasks we feel are fitting to our personal needs for a healthy work life.  

We hold two feedback conversations per year run as a colleague-to-colleague conversation. This is meant to maintain a constant focus on task development to provide a sense of personal development.  


Physical material (Floorboards, etc.)      

The suitcase is made out of recycled plastic. The cardboard boards are produced in Denmark close to us. The bricks are done of metal to ensure quality and lifetime use. They are also produced locally in Denmark to reduce the CO2 footprint. 


Our green accountant  

From 2022 we will include our company CO2 footprint in our annual report and make new sustainable goals to improve each year.  

We will also try to calculate the impact our new green games are making in the world, and we will support any initiative to create games supporting the green change we all face.  


The green acceptance model

We have engaged in the green agenda by developing the green acceptance model. This model can be incorporated as part of any game used at Actee. Read more here.


The code of conduct

Our way of working has been anchored in a “code of conduct”  quiz allowing us to share and discuss internally and externally with partners and clients. You might want to test the quiz your self. Code of conduct here


The partner day

We host a yearly partner day to connect and co-create our tool together with our users. The partner day is now held online since we don’t think we can ask people to fly to join. The same with speakers.


Gender equality

We have created games and quizzes to support the gender agenda.


If you have great ideas or projects, you like us to engage in please don’t hesitate to let us know.


Best regards // The team of Actee´vist wants to change the world with you using (our) games.    


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