The Soft Skills of Great Digital Organizations

It is no secret, that tech innovations are becoming an increasingly important part of most organizations, not just the COVID-19 digitalization improvements, but also innovative tech to optimize, save and escalate efficiency. In order to utilize these waves of innovative technologies, however, you need to have change adaptable employees or to equip them with the correct skills and mindset needed when they are presented with new tools.

How To Cultivate A More Digitally Nimble Workplace

Below are stated the 6 most prominent factors in creating a more adaptable culture.


Goal-centric Thinking

It is impotent to not drown your employees in all the newest technologies, that you deem valuable for all. Instead, you should introduce all the tools and platforms available, presenting what they involve, and let the personnel choose themselves what tool can move them closer to their goals. Then before each tech adoption, they should all spend a minute thinking about what specific goal the chosen technology will help them accomplish, ensuring effective use of each tool.


Collaboration Skills

Implementing collaboration tools might seem like a grand idea, in these times of remote work, but a collaboration tool will not work unless your workforce knows how to work together. Otherwise, you will end up with an expensive tool and employees that are still withholding knowledge and resisting to partake in the sharing process. So, tech cannot magically fix this issue - you must first foster a culture of mutual trust - ensuring all understand that they are part of the same team. Then you must make sure to reward teamwork equally to individual work, displaying its equal value.


Communication Skills

Employees that have exceptional communication skills in the offline world, might be the ones least suited for online communication, coming off as curt, unprofessional or verbose. It is therefore imperative that ALL workers participate in workshops or the likes, where the differences between off- and online communication are made clear and encourage a culture of tolerance for each other’s different online communication styles. And if hostility or tensions arise, they should quickly be talked through face-to-face.


Learning Skills

To be able to learn a new skill is a skill in itself, and an undervalued one at that. Tech enthusiasts are certainly far from the majority in enjoying the learning process of new technologies. There are many different learning styles, and it is important for each worker to find their ideal learning style fit. This will make it much easier for the team leader, head of the department, manager etc. to implement new platforms, as they now have an overview of what each employee needs, for the adoption to be successful.


Troubleshooting Skills

Getting acquainted with new technologies can be painful. It is frustrating when they are stuck continually and must wait for the help of the IT department, which of course can take days. Instead of letting this process continue, you must teach your employees the measures of finding the answers for the simple things themselves, and only contact IT with severe issues. That way your workforce learns by doing and the IT department is not swamped with unnecessary questions in the implementation period.



A playful attitude towards technology is key in tech adoption. Find ways to make it fun, small competitions, use the tech for personal interests or hobbies or find a platform that already has incorporated humour into it. The more they associate the new tool with fun, the more successful the successive wave of tech innovation will be.

The last secret is to embrace your techies - your tech enthusiasts and early adopters are a huge asset when it comes to building a tech-friendly culture, harnessing their contagious enthusiasm will make tach adoption easier for everyone in the workplace.

We at Actee, believe that these 6 factors are imperative when it comes to the success of a new implementation. Using our platform, you are already starting to focus on the 6 elements.

1. You have a concrete goal in mind when practising on the platform. Either one of ours or your own customized goal.

2. You have the option of team challenge allowing the team to discuss various points throughout the game and learn from each other.

3. Actee has a game, specifically focusing on communication, so by getting acquainted with the platform, you can simultaneously learn another valued soft skill.

4. What can I say about learning skills… our products are created for exactly this purpose - learning new skills, either about change management, communication or leadership.

5. Actee’s FAQ, personal support and video tutorials deliver all you might need if you find yourself stuck. Eliminating the frustrations and the strain on the IT department.

6. We at Actee are all about playfulness! We incorporate humour into our platforms as frequently as it allows for. We also know that internal competition can be a fun and motivating factor in leanings - which is why our battle mode is equally popular with the team challenge mode.

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