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As a user of Actee, you will have access to a wide range of generic game scenarios and tools. We offer simulations where you can experience a change process; others where you learn the art of better communication. We also have scenarios that give you the opportunity to test yourself as a leader and become more aware of your leadership style. With a variety of ready-made games and tools, Actee lets you design sessions right away and quickly get started with the learning activities.

Once you have designed your learning session, you can use it again and again - even simultaneously in different departments across the globe! You can refine it; you can adapt it for different contexts. In fact, as an Actee user, you can create new sessions and build an entire catalogue of learning processes that you can use and revisit as required.

A Customized Hub

As an organization or consultant, you can build your own customized hub featuring your logo, complete with access to all your games, sessions and data.

With this, you get access to additional features that allow you to design your own game scenarios. You can work with different concept templates and add new theory, different stakeholders and your own storyline to build a game scenario tailored for the learning you want.


When you play scenarios on the hub, you generate valuable data. These data can give you new insights into the choices and preferences made in different situations. With a customized hub, you can gather the data of your users and get an overview of the game results. For instance, playing ActeeChange, your choices give you experience of how you, your team or leaders of the entire organization handle and lead a change process. You can even compare your choices with the anonymized information from other organizations in other business sectors. 

This data analysis tool gives you a unique opportunity to measure the results of your learning efforts, and you can use the tool to shape the organization’s learning and development strategies. Read more about the DataModule here.

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