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The ActeeChange concept works so well because it is not just a stand-alone course. Instead, it is a variety of tools – the board, the online simulation and the workshop dialogue – that together help to create the language necessary for successful change management. This means, that we are much more able to make use of this learning process when facing everyday challenges again.

The fact that all theory is situation-based makes the ActeeChange concept easy to adjust and use everywhere in large cooperation like COWI.

What makes all the difference between ActeeChange and other change management concepts is the fact that Rick Maurer understands the specific situational context as the baseline for possible changes. His theory enables situational understanding, whereas the theory of Kotter makes it possible to decide, what is most the apprehensible action to this situation – the one that truly facilitates the change.


Finn Bech Andersen
Head of HR
COWI Danmark

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