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We have cooperated with Danske Bank on developing a case scenario in our Change-simulation. Mette Winge Leisner, Head of Change Management, tells how Danske Bank has benefitted from using the Change-simulation for their leadership development.

Change-Simulation Shines A Spotlight On Change Management

In Danske Bank we are facing a rapid development towards a digital future – a large part of this change happening has a great impact on our ability to lead in a change process. It has been a strong and realistic experience to simulate a change, which has been very inspiring for all of us. I have heard our leaders express:


” What if I had this insight every day into what my employees think and feel about the change process – as well as a recommendation for my actions yesterday? And what will I be able to achieve if I spend 5-10 minutes reflecting on my next action?”


The Change-workshop has broadened our perspective and created great respect and humility for the role of a change leader.


An Eye-Opener To Situational Management

The Change-simulation has opened our eyes to situational management and the importance of leading with a balance between management and leadership. We have used this angle to relate to: What is my preference as a leader and what is my natural starting-point and comfort zone? The awareness on this has been important for us to strengthen in order for us to make the best decisions at the right time.

Topscore & Top Engagement On Change-Workshop

We introduced the Change-simulation to our 250 managers at our annual leadership gathering. The change workshop achieved the best score ever in this setting with a score of 9.6 on a scale of 1-10. The managers were very surprised that three hours had passed when the workshop reached the end. They were ready to continue for another three hours. It was really awesome – and very satisfying!

Learning Connecting To Reality

The desire to learn more and continue to work with change management and Change-simulation has been extensive and kept us busy developing our next step in this process. We have continued the mindset we have been introduced to by the Change-simulation and we are now revisiting the learning at the floorboard, which we use as a coaching board. This has given us a mutual frame of reference, a shared language as well as a shared image, which has made it easier for us to talk about the change and reflect on where we are in the process.


Mette Winge Leisner

Head of Change Management

Danske Bank


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