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Leading an organizational transformation project


The organization isn’t onboarding the transformation.

Global management has decided to conduct a process transformation which enables the business to bring operational efficiency and accelerate the time-to-market for products and services. In addition, it brings a complete change of business functions, workflows, and technology in accordance with tactical requirements.


How to solve the problem

To assure that the organization is taking the transformation to heart, the client chose products from Actee to support.

“We used Actee during a two-day face-to-face program - Leading Transformation program of the Air Liquide University, developed with Implement. We used the CRM short version, practising chapter 1 the afternoon of the first day, Chapter 2 the following morning and Chapter 3 the afternoon.

We used the Actee Facilitation guide to help participants which choices were impactful at which stage. This was done by highlighting again the Kotter and Maurer theories to understand the real needs of the project and the leaders impacted by the project.

As a trainer, it is easy to use Actee and the game. Also, the helpdesk is very reactive in case of a problem.”

- Fred Ravat, Founder of GRASP Leadership

The Result

Results were different for each of the 4 teams. The team with the GM won the first chapter but lost the battle at the end; The team with the lowest score after chapter 1 won at the end. This was creating a lot of emulation. 

Participants were questioning themselves a lot on what the best decision-making process would be.



“Practice the game before to understand the impact of each possible action.”

- Fred Ravat, Founder of GRASP Leadership