A New Approach To E-Learning

Ian Sturgess breaks down the benefits of using Actee tools in online training.

Learn With Simulation games – Just Like Ian Sturgess


Ian Sturgess is one of our most trusted and tested certified consultants and he works on behalf of multiple, global, consultancies. He has a thorough knowledge of the Actee Hub and a special focus on change processes. Contact him if you want him to run your internal certification in the ActeeChange concept. He has experience working with the largest organizations in the world.


In this short interview conducted by Leif Sørensen, Ian outlines the ways he has been utilizing Actee games and tools in courses. Among the most important statements, Ian refers to Actee games as:


- Pretty fun and addictive!

- Easy to implement in online courses.

- Can be used as part of a larger range of training modules.

- An approach that encourages 'learning by doing' rather than being purely theoretical.

Watch Leif (Actee CEO) Interview Ian Here

Ian Sturgess

Senior Facilitator & Coach

Center Of Creative Leadership

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