Customizable Games Creates Recognizability

Learn with simulation games – just like Key Learning:

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In Key Learning they find simulations and games important tools when they facilitate workshops on change management. Michael Andersen, Consultant in Key Learning, explains that they have chosen Actees tools for mainly three reasons:

-    Easy to get started

-    Is adaptable and are able to fit into Key Learning’s portfolio of tools

-    Engaging content

Customizable Games

Key Learning has been using the tool GameBuilder, where you can develop and customize your own game. And this has had great value for them.

“You do not want to underestimate the impact that recognizability has on learning. When you customize a game to fit the users’ practical reality it reduces their potential resistance and increases the learning output significantly,” says Michael Andersen, Consultant at Key Learning.



SessionView is the digital version of the floorboard and at Key Learning they see it as a very useful facilitation tool.

”We have used the SessionView to evaluate after each chapter we have played. We take a break, where everyone gets up and we project the SessionView to a big screen. It gives us an overview to see e.g. the three groups, who have not been able to get Adam on board, and two other groups, who have. This sparks a good discussion on what choices they have taken and what results in it has created”, says Michael Andersen, Consultant at Key Learning.



“Actee has been very helpful, accessible and accommodating in their support,” says Michael Andersen, Consultant at Key Learning.


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