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"ActeeChange is a brilliant tool because the inherent structure of the course quickly motivates employees to actively participate in the game. The physical fact of standing around the floorboard while I introduce the system and set up the pieces creates a process that invites involvement right from the very start. ActeeChange is extremely motivational because it’s fun, and it generates a constant stream of dilemmas that employees must make decisions about."

Easy To Motivate Participants

"I always lead the game as a competition with the goal of moving employees farthest along in the change process, which is itself more motivational than if just I stood and lectured about various management styles. The groups that finish first usually begin to discuss the choices that they could have made, and the potential consequences of those choices."


Unique Novo Nordisk Case

"Actee has designed a completely unique case for Novo Nordisk, and participants like the fact that the game relates to their own everyday work situation. This allows employees to better relate to the game, to get more out of the course and to follow up by using the small coaching boards in their own management work. The special structure of the course facilitates the acceptance of the theories and enables participants to understand employee reactions to the management choices they will make in the future."


Insight Into Cultural Differences

"I have also used ActeeChange in China and France and have had good experiences regardless of the cultural context. For example, Chinese employees are not included in the process in the way that Danish employees are. In China, the game is suitable for teaching the Chinese in the ‘background’ about the choices made by their Danish managers, and then following it up with a discussion of the different management styles."


Merete Hartvig Petersen, 

Leadership Development Specialist,

Novo Nordisk

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