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At Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and University of Southern Denmark (SDU), we use ActeeLeadership in the management training as an educational tool to create a better understanding of how Intelligent Management works in a leadership situation. ActeeLeadership shows the students with great clarity that their actions have consequences. For example, if we push for better results our intuitive actions can result in a worsening of the working environment. Is that more beneficial for the company in the short or long term? There is much to be learned from these questions. The game has a direct link to reality and is very easy to transfer to corporate life.

Own Experiences Are Part Of The Games

ActeeLeadership is for students and teachers some of the closest they can get reality without actually being there. The simulation works well because the students can transfer their own experiences to the game, even if they do not have much experience in management. In that way, it is close to reality and the students engage in the game from the very start.

Strengthened Skills

ActeeLeadership provides the students with a greater value from the teaching. We dig deeper into the practical matters than by traditional teaching, and it definitely increases their skills, which they concretely can use in their future jobs. If I was in a situation of recruitment, where they demonstrated these skills it would significantly strengthen their chances.

Based On Recognized Science

Actee base their concepts on recognized science, which makes it more interesting than other products. Actee has three good concepts (ActeeChange, ActeeLeadership and ActeeCommunication) and there is a coherence between them. This means that the products are very thorough and that the quality and complexity is far greater than if they had 100 products on the shelves. The company is very responsive to new ideas and thoughts and is quick to take action and make improvements.


Finn Bech Andersen
External teacher


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