Shared Frame Of Reference

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Actee facilitated four workshops for a hundred managers at TDC Erhverv as part of their strategy kick off.
”The workshops were at eye level. There were a few theoretical inputs and some very ‘hands-on’ exercises. The output was many useful observations, which we can use in our future work with our culture,” says Peter Bisgaard, HR Director at TDC Erhverv
He emphasizes that Actee used symbols and concepts, which created a shared frame of reference and serves as tools for the managers to use when explaining the employees about cultural changes in the organization.
”Especially the analogy about either being at the spectators' seats or in the arena can be used, when we need to discuss the ways we work. It worked very well that our values were incorporated into the exercises. The workshops have given us a chance to dig deeper and get closer to, what we actually mean when we for example say that we play each other better, which is one of our commitments,” says Peter Bisgaard, HR Director at TDC Erhverv.

The Corporation

“Actee has shown great agility. They only had a few days to plan the content for the four workshops, and they did so with success”, says Peter Bisgaard, HR Director at TDC Erhverv.