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Telenor's Innovative Integration of Actee with TLT Model

Utilizing Actee Across Telenor's Global Business Units


In Telenor, we make great use of the Actee platform. Gradually, more and more of our Business Units are using the change management concept. Overall, we use Actee to make people aware of changes in our organization and to identify the real issues with people not succeeding in change initiatives.


Thus, we have used the simulator to make people in our organization aware of different kinds of change models, to understand the Cycle of Change and resistance to change. This has received very positive feedback across the Group business units.


Customized Actee Implementation Across Regions

In Telenor, we use Actee as a global theme for a change. We have experienced that the concept with its tools and methodologies work very well in Scandinavia, CEE, and Asia. Thailand as an example has really embraced Actee, where they use a customized version with theories related to change agents suited for their work culture. It has been good learning to see that one concept can work really well in different settings across our global organization.


Actee Empowers Line Management

Actee is very beneficial in our line management, where some groups of leaders in our organization are very familiar with the concept. They have actually surpassed the awareness state, and they now work more with knowledge and explore how they can use Actee in new ways to combine the concept with other enterprise changes and development decisions. Thus, the management team uses Actee as a starting point for discussions on upcoming structural changes in the organization. I think it has been a good revelation about what we can do using Actee in these processes.


Actee: A Catalyst for Transformational Leadership

Doing transformation projects is complex and a lot of factors need to be weighed in, but ActeeChange has proved to be a very good tool for the leaders in our change leadership development and in creating awareness and knowledge about the transformational journey in projects and line. In this way, ActeeChange works as an icebreaker that makes the leaders more open about how they manage their leads and they can discuss complex change processes with each other.


Seamless Service Experience with Actee

We have experienced great service when dealing with Actee. When we set up large workshops with 30-40 people it has been seamless. Actee being a small company has actually benefitted us and our cooperation, because we don’t have to go through a lot of layers and people to get help, for example, to discuss changes in our cases and get new cases produced, order licenses and so on. Actee is always making things smooth and easy for us.



Elishia Faraz
Organization Development Manager
Organization Development & Employer Role
Group People Development
Telenor Group


Marlena Sofia RasmussenHead of L&D partners, Nordics
Telenor Group