Change Live

This tool has different features, which will help you understand, manage and live-track your live project process.

The Live Project Tool

Create a Project
You can create several projects, which are in different phases of the cycle process.


Create Stakeholders
Map in all your relevant stakeholders, where they are in the cycle process and their conflict levels.


Create Project Tasks
You can map tasks for you or other stakeholders to do in different phases of the process.
For example: Participate in a seminar or read a strategy paper.


Invite Co-managers
Invite someone to see the project or work on the project together

Here, you can:

- Send invitations to other colleagues, who should manage the project

- Determine rights (What should your invited colleague be able to do in this project)

- Send your project onwards for another person to manage 


Add Theory
When you are on the Real Cycle, you may choose to look at the different theories that can help you place your stakeholder and your current position in your cycle project.
When you select a theory, you can see what’s is important in that phase of the cycle by clicking on the theory markers on the board.

You are able to add in any theories you please, so feel free to do so, or contact us any time for help!