ActeeChange: Lead Change in Simulation and Real Life

Learn to Lead Complex Changes

ActeeChange, formerly known as Changesetter, is a learning concept about leading complex change processes in the organization. It draws on game elements, which simulates realistic situations with managerial dilemmas you have to deal with. You will go through a change process from the first steps of initial actions to the waning activities. Focus in ActeeChange is both on implementing the change in the organization and on leading the stakeholders. Built into the concept is different change management and leadership theories, among others, is Rick Maurer’s theory on working with stakeholder resistance in a change process.

A Game for Change

ActeeChange is an online and offline simulation tool and an educational game hub for change management and leadership development. The technology is based on game elements especially created to spark energy and motivation required in successful organizational changes. The game structure in this theory-based training platform engages people, and it helps to anchor the change at the workplace.

Simulate Change and Transfer the Learning

An ActeeChange simulation works well in combination with ChangeLive, which is your tool in the Actee Hub to keep track of your own real life change process, and ultimately to reach your change objectives.

How Does It Work?

A Short Video About the ActeeChange Simulation


How the ActeeChange Simulation Works