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ActeeChange is a well-designed tool and a good way to visualize and support changes. It provides a concrete basis for discussing the challenges and reactions that we typically meet among employees and the managerial tools that we can bring into play to successfully manage change. The games and simulations make it easy to understand the kind of difficult challenges and decisions faced by employees, managers and the company as a whole.

The Game Works Well In All Countries

Vestas has used ActeeChange for training in change management in Denmark, Germany, Spain, the United States, India and China and has implemented the simulation with 80-90 change agents. Although there are clear cultural differences, the concept works equally well in all countries. The management choices that confront the participants also work well, even though there are natural differences in preferences from one country to another. Everyone understands the logic and can easily engage in the universe, with all its challenges and issues.

Tangible Change Processes

We talk a lot about change processes, the challenges they pose, and the responses that facilitate and prevent change. But this can quickly develop into vapid and abstract HR hot air. ActeeChange makes it more tangible and has provided us with a practical way to talk about and work with the thoughts and emotions that are typically in play in connection with changes. We have obtained a common language, a common reference framework and some common images. Although they are only a few small metal pieces in a boat, it has become highly visible and concrete to talk about whether the employees are on board or not. The simulation’s three resistance levels are something that most employees can relate to. It is an advantage, therefore, that ActeeChange adopts Rick Maurer’s way to approach change processes and reactions as described in “Beyond the Wall of Resistance”.

Service-Minded & Flexible Business

Actee is a very service-minded and flexible supplier and partner. They are incredibly helpful and very easy to get in contact with, no matter where in the world and in which time zone you are, when you need their assistance. We also find it exciting that they sometimes try out new ideas on us, just to test the waters with some new concepts and products that they are developing.


Anders Andersen

Business Transformation / People & Culture

Vestas Wind Systems A/S





Strengthens Technology Transfer

At Vestas, they see the transfer of technology to their factories as a change process. And ActeeChange helps both employees and leaders to sharpen their focus on the phases and mechanisms of the change. 

After a larger change process, Jakob Herbert Pedersen, director, Blades Technology Transfer, estimated that they needed inspiration on how to best drive change and at the same time involve the employees.

“It is easy to get started on ActeeChange. You do not need theoretical knowledge beforehand because that is made available to you during the game,” says Jakob Herbert Pedersen, director, Blades Technology Transfer.

This is one of the reasons, why ActeeChange can be used for a variety of target groups. Including the executive level at Vestas, who has a solid theoretical foundation.

”In relation to the leaders, we plan to use ActeeChange as a leadership development tool, when it comes to handling technology transfers. This will give our leaders a brush up on what it means to be part of a change process and what kind of leadership it demands. We are planning to use ActeeChange to create a stronger focus on leadership, and not only the technical part,” says Jakob Herbert Pedersen, director, Blades Technology Transfer.

Employee Involvement

The employees played a case, which Actee has developed specifically for the challenges that employees face during a change process, and according to Jakob Herbert Pedersen, it also has the benefits of creating important dialogues.

”The employees had some very good talks. They discussed the characters in the game – why is this person ahead in the process, and why is this one behind and in resistance? They recognized the types from their own work lives. The dialogue was quickly sparked because you stand by the floorboard and instantly see the consequences of your choices and say:’Well, that did not go as expected, or, now that is even worse, people are jumping off the boat.’ That is very useful,” says Jakob Herbert Pedersen, director, Blades Technology Transfer, and adds that it is the intention to use ActeeChange in the future to strengthen the technology transfer to their factories. 


Jakob Herbert Pedersen

Blades Technology Transfer


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