Leadership E-Games Championship

Each year we create a game based on current dilemmas and encourage the whole world to play! You enter the competition from our homepage and then choose which country you will be representing. In the Grand Finale of the competition, the top participant in each country will be competing in a new game, for the title: ‘World Champion in Online Leadership’ and a full years subscription to Actee’s Large Level Learning.

The Danish Championship 2020

You can enter the competition here.

Last month the Danish semifinal was held, with the aid of StepStone Denmark and Jobindex, and the ‘Danish Champion in Online Leadership’ was cored.


The five finalists were as follows:

Susanne Hoffmann from Region Syddanmark

Ralf Hollander from ChangeGroup

Peter Corneliussen from Projectum

Mads Bjørnsbo from Pixelz

Claus Jørgensen from ChangeGroup



The finalists were to compete in an online game, but in person at Træfpunkt HR – the biggest danish HR conference. Unfortunately, as you all know, in these times planning on an event of this size is a gamble. And alas, the conference was abandoned, but not without hope – as an online version of the conference quickly emerged. What is more fitting when hosting the leadership e-games, and coring the Danish Champion of Online Leadership, and the preliminary game being about quarantine than for the competition to be held online? Right!?

For the finale we created a completely new game for the finalists to participate in, Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks. The finale game here was part 2 of the preliminary game; Quarantined. Where the first game is focusing on how you lead a team when all employees are sent home, the final game focused on being a leader facing the dilemmas involved when reopening the offices. Like Quarantined, the finalists were faced with predicaments that they had never – nor expected to – have to deal with as a leader.

You can play Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks here.

The finale was facilitated and commentated by founder and CEO Leif Sørensen who introduced the finalists and set them off. The finalists were faced with an extra hurdle, as they only had 10 minutes to complete the game – simulating how the finalists perform and make decisions when under pressure. Leif then walked through the process of playing the game, how you can use the results as a facilitator and encouraged the viewers to participate too.


The Winner

When the finalists time were up the winner was announced to be Susanne Hoffmann from Region Syddanmark, winning the pride, 12.000kr for MEYERS restaurants and a full years subscription to Actee’s Pro Approach to Learning. Huge congratulations Susanne – you were truly awesome! Susanne will be representing Denmark in the World Championship in January 2021! Stay tuned on our LinkedIn for more detail on how to watch the competition when we get a little closer!

Watch the full danish championship here.

If you wish to try out Actee in your own company, then register and try out some of our free games here.