Inside Partner Day's Triumph !

Hello Actee users! Were you aware of Partner's Day? It's a significant annual event that you wouldn't want to miss. If you participated, great! If not, no worries—we've got you covered. We'll provide you with a comprehensive overview of what transpired on the 9th of January 2024

The things you missed out on


Questions/panel view

Introducing our esteemed panellists: Bill Robinson from PWC Academy Middle East and Mathias Munkholm Pedersen from ELKJOP.


High lights

They commenced by sharing their experiences with Actee, followed by an insightful panel discussion. The focus of the discussion centered on their practical applications of Actee, delving into the benefits they derive. For instance, Mathias elaborated on their Business-to-Business usage, highlighting the enhanced comfort levels observed among participants after completing the course."

"During the session, a pertinent question arose: 'How do you promote Actee to groups or businesses resistant to games, perceiving them as less serious?' Bill addressed this query, sharing his approach of refraining from labeling Actee as a 'game.' Instead, he emphasized positioning Actee as a solution—a necessity rather than merely something potentially useful. By highlighting its role as a crucial tool, the focus shifts from entertainment to a valuable business resource



The workshops involved participants in interactive sessions, set up in breakrooms for widespread accessibility. As the sessions concluded, an individual shared insights on the games, discussing personal experiences and the valuable lessons learned.


The four workshop themes were

Barometer Game

Participants engaged in an interactive process that explored know-how, roles, needs, and qualifications, making decisions to illuminate their leadership and management skills. The combination of practical work with a theoretical foundation resulted in a coherent personal profile, fostering the development of management skills and encouraging critical reflection.


Gamebuilder Workshop

Focused on the fundamentals of building a game in Actee, it provided a straightforward approach and step-by-step guidance for creating games.


Non-Facilitated Games

Tailored for individuals seeking simplicity in non-facilitated experiences, it provided a streamlined and user-friendly approach.


Succeeding in Selling Actee

Provided insights into selling Actee products, incorporating a role-play component for practical knowledge. It served as a comprehensive guide for effectively marketing and selling Actee.


Awards winners

The Actee Awards celebrated excellence in our community, honoring individuals for exceptional contributions. The Actee team carefully selected three winners across categories – 'Actee Game Builder,' 'Actee Facilitator,' and 'Actee’vist.

Bill Robinson received Actee’vist certification for outstanding communication and promotion of Actee.

Vera de Swart earned Actee Facilitator certification for exceptional facilitation skills in Actee.

ELKJØP achieved Actee Game Builder certification for remarkable accompØlishments with the Actee Game Builder platform.

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