New Price Model: No More Licenses

The new year brings new energy and the opportunity to clear the slate to make some improving changes. In Actee, we have made some changes to our price model, which we have launched on the first day of the brand-new year of 2019.

From now on you don’t have to buy licenses anymore. We aim to simplify the price model for you so that it is easier for you to focus on the fun part whether you are using the learning games and tools as a consultant or for internal training in the company.

Are You An Independent Consultant Or Consultancy?

Here are a few important changes for you to get familiar with:

- As a consultant, you need a partner hub module, which is free of charge and gives you access to all games and tools in the learning universe. With a partner hub module, you can design games and make all the sessions you like at no cost. But in order to run the session with a client, the client needs an active subscription.  In this sense, your partner hub module is now only an administrative hub.


- On your partner hub module, you can build customized games tailored to fit your areas of expertise and/or your client's specific needs, which you then can run on the client's hub.


- You are automatically superuser on your partner hub module. But if you need to be able to administer a client’s hub, the client must add you as a superuser on their company hub.


- If you need a deeper understanding of the learning games and tools you can book a free online demo. This is for you as a consultant, but also a service you can forward to interested potential clients.

For you who already purchased a hub? – When it expires we will renew it free of charge.

Are you using Actee tools for internal training in a company?

These are the few important changes for you to get familiar with:

- You no longer have to buy licenses for each session. Instead, the package solution makes it easy for you to get the quick user accesses you need.

- Check out the price model to get an easy overview of the three different subscription options you can choose from – from the basic solution to a subscription with in-depth tools and features. Once you have a subscription, you don’t have to buy additional accesses.

- Upgrading from a user profile to a superuser is without additional cost. But if you need an external consultant to administer your hub you will need to add the consultant to your hub.

- We have launched a new invoice function. No credit card needed. You can choose the package or subscription for your need and we will send you an invoice.

- If you need a deeper understanding of the learning games and tools you can book a free online demo. This can be useful if you are scaling up the use of the Actee tools in your organization.  

Check out the updated price model here 

Currently, have unused licenses in your wallet? – We will convert these into a fitting amount of session packages.

Is your brain popping with questions? 
Don’t hesitate to write or call us at the Actee office.