Card Games

Cards is a game for self-reflection and discussions; more specifically on ones focus areas, bias’s, communications and strengths.

It is an interactive game that ultimately provides you with a personal profile.

The Card Game

Cards works this way: as a leader/trainee participating in a session including Cards, the participant picks out a number (12) of statements, that fits the player best as a leader and person, and discard the rest of the statements.

Behind each of the statements are underlying theories, but the participants do not know what statement relates to what or that there is a connection between statement and style at all.

One of the standard Actee Card games is based on Goleman’s six styles of leadership.  

Instead of one of the standard Six Styles, it could be any model.

Imagine a leadership model with 4 Leadership Roles let s call it “The 4 styles” with e.g. 25 written statements to match each Role – 100 in all. Imagine these 4 styles coach, player, shooter, thinker.

1 - By picking “a deck” of 12 statements out of a possible 24 presented, the participant will create a “4 Role Profile” on themself.

This profile is interesting to dive into: it could be, that none of the chosen statements related to – let’s say – Coach, and only one related to the player, and the rest to shooter and thinker.

2 - When each of the participants - in a group session - have picked cards, it is time to swap statements between the participants in the session.

The participants will try to get rid of statements they think fits them the least, and get statements from others that fit them better.

This process will drive insights into how do others see me – why do you think this statement fits me? Or thanks, I’m happy you acknowledge that side of me! This is done in the room or virtually, but always online via an individual device: smartphone, tablet, pc.

3 - In the end, the participant will have an even more fitting “4 Role Profile” than the one they picked for themselves originally. 

Your Work

What you need to do to get started is simple, just write 25 (or more) statements per Role – 100 all in all. Writing the 100 statements would be your job.

Statement examples:

“I continuously raise my own expectations to my own performance”

“I inspire others to adopt my visions”

"I often prioritize the quality of the result over the employees' ownership to the task”.

This is how easy it is to incorporate your own leadership, change, communication or alike model into Actee Cards.

If you want to test a Cards you need to register as a free user on Actee and go-to tools to find the game.

Note you can invite a colleague to swap with or you can do it by yourself to get your profile.

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