Host View

The Host View is a tool that provides you insights through 3 sub-tools; Session Builder, List & View.

The Session Builder

Session Creator

Create engaging sessions for others in the Session Creator.

Use the SessionBuilder to create sessions containing Actee games and tools, which fit the needs of the specific group of participants.

You create groups, the number of participants, start and end date, and add the number of licenses you need for the session. You need an active subscription, so to create sessions, go to the subscription page to get started.


Session List

Keep track of your previous sessions in the Session List

SessionList is where you get an overview of all the sessions you have created and you can edit or delete them.


Session View

Enhance group discussions with Session View

SessionView is your digital edition of the floorboard. Here you can follow your session in real-time or review it afterwards.

It gives you the opportunity to facilitate online, or you can use it just like you use the floorboard and gather the participants around to discuss their positions on the board, look at the amount of time they have to spend and compare their scores.

Related tools

Every development has a life cycle. Actee Cycle makes it easy to mimic, track, understand and map out any project in game format.

The goal of the cycle is to get both your mission and your stakeholders across the finish line successfully with minimal resistance.

Barometer Games

Actee Barometer ensures an overview of your business goal process whilst signifying cultural insights. Attention to results is equally important as attention to the work climate.

Bubble Games

Every decision you make has a number of advantages and disadvantages. So how do you make the right decision? Via Bubbles, you can simulate the case and set up relevant assessment elements that will help you identify the right cause of action.