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The Game Builder tool enables you to tailor your own games and get your own data on specific models you think is the best for players. Depending on your purpose and ambitions, you can use the Game Builder to build a new game with your own storyline, dilemmas, and theories or you can just change a few elements (e.g. company name or stakeholder descriptions) and you are ready to go with your customized game. The Game Builder Guide will guide you through a few steps and help you to get started with building your game. For a detailed guide on how to use the Game Builder, click here.

Customize games and get your own soft skill data




You can build your own game within the main concepts Cycle games, Barometer games, Cards games, Bubbles games or quiz games. You can create long games, short games, mini versions, complex games or simple reinforcement games. You can use one of our existing games as a template in the Game Builder or start all over.

Depending on purpose and ambitions, you can use the Game Builder to build a brand-new game with your storyline, dilemmas, and add theories or you can do a minimum, and reuse exciting games and only changing a few elements and you are ready to go with your customized game.


If you are interested in grappling with designing or making your own adjusted game version in one of the game concepts, you can start the Game Builder guide in the Game Builder tool, which will walk you through the necessary steps and help you start building your game.

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