Boost engagement with a Quiz! Create quizzes to complement your learning topic and see how your participants are doing, or make a fun break quiz to have a laugh. The sky is the limit with the Actee Quiz tool, so get creative. 

The Quizzes

The Quiz tool enables you to design or tailor your own Quizzes for your learning sessions. Depending on your purpose and ambitions, you can use the Game Builder tool to build a new Quiz with your own questions or you can just change a few elements of one of our existing Quizzes.

The Game Builder Guide will walk you through a few steps and help you to get started with building your Quiz. For a detailed guide on how to use the Game Builder, please click here to be directed to our FAQ.

The Quiz tool is currently free to use, so you can get started now! All it requires is a free subscription with Actee (A partner admin module).

You can start the creative flow of a partner admin module here.

What You Gain

Applying quizzes to your e-learning sessions will contribute to 4 major benefits!

- Asses Knowledge

Track, report, and evaluate learning progress and outcomes.

- Motivate Learners

Challenge learner perceptions.

- Engage Learners

Interact with the content.

- Improve Knowledge Retention and Transfer

Theory 👉 real-world practice.

We hope that the quizzes will allow you to reflect on your own actions as well as starting a conversation with your team about how you would like to operate in the future.

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