Actee Certification December

Dates: 7th and 9th of December 2022 (Afternoon)

Participate in our Online Actee Certification to become ready for Facilitation of an online game concept.

Participants will get 
- A certificate as a certified Actee consultant
- Access to a network of other certified Actee´vist from all over the world
- Practice on how to use online games in your services
- Access to the certified resource folder including design, guides and theory materials
- Access to engaging digital tools you can use 100% online or as face-to-face exercises
- Familiar with the use of online and digital tools as a consultant
- The ability to create your own games for free
- Training how to log on participants
- Ready to create sessions and understand the modules available to the subscription
- Practice with the game modes and relate game mode to learning design
- The ability to use the facilitation materials
- Design sessions (choosing games on time, theme and theory)  

Click here to see who have already been certified www.actee.com/partners
If you want to dig deeper into our tool or a specific game our cool partners offer theory workshops allowing you to dig deeper into areas like; facilitation, change theories, profiles, game-building, leadership theories, and a lot more. See the The LAB section here for planned sessions from our partners. 
Look below to find the certification dates that suits you!

The certification program is as follows:


Tech Setup

Pre-work / Homework - 1-2 hours

We simply ask that you register a user before attending the Tech Setup. After you have created a user, you must follow a link to an Actee game that we send you ahead of the certification. This way, you will have a grasp of what Actee is and how the games work before we meet at the Tech Setup. Feel free to invite someone to play with you by sharing the link before you start your game. 

Please also note the homework between sessions 1 and 2 (read more below), and this involves a group of colleagues/friends.

To get help regarding the preparation work, please see our FAQ here: https://actee.com/faq/#howdoiprepareforacertificationcourse

Online session with Actee - Initial introduction (30-minute session)

-Know the difference between a free subscription and full-paid subscription
-Being logged in to Certification.actee.com
-Applying to become a certified consultant
-Know how to start a game
-Log in to a session
-Wrap up / Questions


Module 1

Pre-work / Homework - 1-2 hours
- Log in 
- Create a session. 
- Use the short destination CRM game. 
- Select the battle mode
- Log a group into the game. (use the session id and allow users to register when you have them in the session)

Online session with Actee - Play Day – 4-hour session

We are playing a game and getting a deeper understanding of the facilitation parts.  

- Welcome and recap from last time
- Create a session
- Create a session / Log each group member in your session  
- Log all participants into the team challenge
- Play chapter one in groups
- Prepare theory introduction
- Present the theory
- Home assignment


Module 2

Pre-work / Homework - 1-2 hours

-Invite a group of at least 4 people for an online session using the SHORT CRM game (alternatively, one chapter here, or a short game is also ok, if pressed for time).
-You need to log participants into a game to play. You can choose the game-mode.
-Facilitate the reflection after the gameplay and use of the facilitation guide.
-Make notes to bring to the next session.

Online Session with Actee - Deeper workings of Actee - Being a Facilitator - 4-hour session.

Getting to work with Actee using the system to support a learning process as a certified consultant using Actee in real-life situations. Primarily in handling the technical part of facilitating workshops were playing one of our many games is on the schedule.

-Your experience Q&A with Homework
-Play session and using Session View
-Facilitation start- create a session - Know the different game modes.
-Tech safari - First-hand experience with our tools (besides our games)
-Game Builder - Benefits of customizing games - a quick tour
-Questions and End of Certification.



When announced below as "Morning classes" the timetable will be.

Tech Setup (30 min)
Pre-work (30 min)
Wednesday part 1 (8.30 Am CET max 4 hours)
Thursday Homework (2 hours)
Friday Part 2 (8.30 Am CET max 4 hours)

When announced below as "Afternoon classes" the timetable will be.

Tech Setup (30 min)
Pre-work (30 min)
Wednesday part 1 (13.00 pm CET max 4 hours)
Thursday Homework (2 hours)
Friday Part 2 (13.00 pm CET max 4 hours)

The certification is not including theory understanding or practice of theories. The certification will purely focus on the technical use and understanding of how theories apply in the facilitation guides and games in Actee.
After the certification you will be able to run sessions, use the facilitation guide as your key tool to practice and run workshops. But the actual practice needs to be obtained outside of the 8 hours certification.   
If you want to train a specific approach please contact one of the Actee partners here 

If you sign up for a week but want to extract the process just let us know the preferred slots you want to participate on.
Please send a mail to info@actee.com or call 0045 70707505
We use Zoom for the online facilitation.

Group Discount:
 Up to 12 participants are 4800€ - then we find a suitable day or 2 for you.
To sign-up and pay online, make sure you are already logged into our system in another browser tab. 
If you want to recap your earlier certification it is free to participate but note there is a no show fee on 500€ after your registration. If you want to recap you certification Please send a mail to info@actee.com including the dates you want to participate on.

Certifications provided in German language will be delivered as a special option please let us know in advance.

Note: Keep in mind that in winter the time is UTC+1 and summer UTC+2.