• Alliance Partners

    Alliance Partners
    The final step in our Partner Program. How to get the badge? - To put on your website and more.Run Actee sessions with multiple clients on a larger scale. Be able to run public certification courses.C...
  • Agenda Kaupang

    Alliance Partner
    Agenda Kaupang er et norsk, medarbeidereid konsulentselskap. Vi tilbyr analyse, utredning og rådgiving innen områdene ledelse, styring, økonomi og organisasjonsutvikling. Vårt arbeid er basert på me...
  • Avenir Consult

    Strategic Partner
    Oliver Mann of Avenir Consult is one of our strategic partners in Germany. He is based in the Münich-area.  Snippet from Avenir's site in German: "Seit über 15 Jahren arbeite ich agil. Viele Jahre dav...
  • Change, Leadership & Partners

    Alliance Partner in England
    Change, Leadership & Partners (CLP) are a global, strategic leadership consultancy devoted to working with leaders and organisations to build a desired, sustainable future. We provide core service...
  • Comentor

    Alliance Partner in Denmark
    Since 2002, we have been a part of the Danish consulting business. Our mantra “Good is never good enough” depicts our passion and drive to achieve optimal performance within our fields of expertise. D...
  • Haufe Akademie

    Alliance Partner in Germany
    Haufe Akademie is the largest training provider in the German-speaking area of Europe. We offer trainings, corporate solutions, coaching and consulting various important topics. As a member of Haufe G...
  • Human Univerz

    Alliance Partner in Denmark
    HUMAN UNIVERZ has workshops and programs for all key players involved in a change process – here are a few examples. Get certified in the most used Change Management in the world - ADKAR® Create r...
  • Implement Consulting Group

    Alliance Partner in Denmark
    Solveig Larsen is heading up Implement Denmarks danish division. She also runs the certification courses. Implement have more than 20 danish certified consultants in the ActeeChange concept. So tasks ...
  • Implement Consulting Group

    Alliance Partner in Germany
    Implement Consulting Group in Germany efforts into ActeeChange is lead by Claus Sehested. Please contact him directly if you want to use Implement to facilitate ActeeChange.
  • Implement Consulting Group

    Alliance Partner in Norway
    Implement Consulting Group in Norway is a proud Alliance Partner. The ActeeChange division is lead by Maria Elisabeth Strand together with multiple other certified consultants in the ActeeChange conce...
  • Implement Consulting Group

    Alliance Partner in Sweden
    Implement Consulting Group in Sweden have many years of experience with using ActeeChange (Formerly Changesetter).
  • Implement Consulting Group

    Alliance Partner in Switzerland
    Implement Consulting Group in Switzerland use of ActeeChange is lead by Claudia Schumacher. Please contact her directly if you want to use Implement to facilitate ActeeChange in Switzerland.
  • Intenz

    Alliance Partner
    Intenz is a Nordic consultancy within organizational development. With our philosophy we wish to show you why we believe development is essential for any organization – even the strongest – and also s...
  • Kudernatsch Consulting, Daniela Kudernatsch

    Strategic Partner
    Daniela is a strategic partner in Germany in our ActeeChange concept. Here is a snippet about herself from her website: "Counseling is a personal service in which two or more people try together to ac...
  • Leadership Instruments

    Alliance Partner in Germany
    Leadership Instruments provides what the name suggests: Tools that help leaders to unleash their full potential.  We believe that managers can achieve more that they actually do. High workload and com...
  • Pawlik Consulting GmbH

    Alliance Partner in Germany
    We help you translate your company goals into concrete results. How? By aligning the often disparate areas of strategy, organization, people and culture, resolving any tension and creating a cohesive ...
  • Potentialehuset

    Alliance Partner in Denmark
    Potentialehuset offers certifications in the ActeeCommunication concept. They have used and helped develop the concept, which was once known as PublicProfessional. Katrine Kent heads the collaboration...
  • Simulation Experience

    Alliance Partner in Holland
    Simulation Experience, and thereby Dirk Jan Bolderheij, is specialized in ready-to-go simulations and games with real-life dilemmas and real-world impact, that trigger change of people, teams, organiz...
  • William Wesley Ltd.

    Alliance Partner in England
    Ian Sturgess:As a Director of my own consultancy company, I have built on my experience as a manager, project manager & programme manager and now offer a wide range of services from project and pr...
  • Propellor

    Alliance Partner in Belgium
    We guide organisations towards successful project & change management. To this end we train people and give pragmatic advice on the practical approach to accomplish the projects or the change. And...
  • Wunsch Unternehmensberatung GmbH

    Alliance Partner in Germany
    Unternehmen, die auch zukünftig erfolgreich auf den Märkten agieren möchten, müssen sich enormen Innovationsdruck und rapidem Wandel stellen und ihre Organisation daran anpassen. Wer das Potenzial sei...
  • Kenneth Jensen

    Investor, Owner at Dansk Bilsalg Ballerup
  • Johannus Egholm Hansen

    Investor, Chairman of the Board at FarPay, Globe Tracker, DK Holding Gruppen & Kalaalit Airports
  • Mogens Elsberg

    Investor, Chairman at Upodi
  • Jacob Wandt

    Investor. Founder of e-conomic, co-founder and partner at Zenegy.
    Jacob Wandt er en af landet mest succesfulde iværksættere – og så er han co-founder og partner i Zenegy. Jacob har utrolig stor erfaring med forretningsudvikling, strategi og konceptudvikling. Han stå...
  • Jes T. S. Brinch

    Investor. Founder and CEO at Zenegy.
    Jes Tækker Stenmann Brinch er founder og CEO for Zenegy. Han har 15 års international erfaring med SaaS, web- og mobiludvikling, markedsføring og projektledelse – senest som forretningsudviklerdirektø...
  • Marc Van de Velde

    Consultant in Belgium
  • René Jensen

    Consultant in Denmark
    De sidste 18 år hhv. været partner i konsulentvirksomhederne De-tre, Colinco Institute og People Planet. Og derigennem leveret udviklingsarbejder af alle mulige slags til danske arbejdspladser. Især o...
  • Michael Sandborg

    Consultant in Denmark
    Michael is our trusted partner in Denmark.
  • Ian Sturgess

    Strategic Partner
    Ian Sturgess is one of our most trusted and tested certified consultants and he works on behalf of multiple, global, consultancies. He has a thorough knowledge of the Actee Hub and a special focus on ...
  • Katrine Bastian Meiner

    Consultant in Denmark
    Som erhvervspsykolog hos IMPAQ ApS hjælper jeg virksomheder - private som offentlige - i de udfordringer og problemstillinger, der opstår i samarbejde, kommunikation eller forandringer. I IMPAQ arbejd...
  • Lene Langkilde Nederby

    Consultant in Denmark
    Lene is a certified consultant in Denmark.
  • Tobias Wunsch

    Consultant in Germany
    Tobias is a strategic partner in Germany, living near Hamburg he is able to support you in Germany and other European Countries. Starting his career as a chemistry engineer he switched to an change ma...
  • Vibeke Bach Madsen

    Consultant in Denmark
    Vibeke is a certified consultant in Denmark.
  • Anette Svendsen

    Consultant in Denmark
    Leadership and organisational development & performance.Project- and program management, building people relations to benefit learning and development and business performance. Design and facilita...
  • Hanne Olesen

    Consultant in Denmark
    Experienced Project Management Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the financial and industrial engineering industry. Skilled in PRINCE2 framework, Project Management, Certified SCRUM Ma...
  • Louise Neel Høyer

    Consultant in Denmark
    Jeg har 15+ års erfaring med at rykke mennesker og virksomheder nænsomt og effektivt ved hjælp af ledelses- og forandringskommunikation.Som person er jeg ambitiøs, har et stort personligt drive og en ...
  • Sonja Heinz

    Sonja Heinz: Consultant, Trainerin und Coach, Personalentwicklung, Leadership, Entwicklung von Führungskompetenzen, Organisationsentwicklung: Fokus auf der wertschätzenden Begleitung von Change Prozes...
  • Imran Akbar

    Consultant in Denmark
    I am an empathetic, holistic and strategic minded Leader, experienced with Leadership & Organizational Development, Portfolio & Project Management, Business Development, International Cooperat...
  • Katherine Nordtømme

    Consultant in Norway
    Skilled project manager and facilitator passionate about developing people and organisations to ensure the organisation’s capability and capacity to achieve its strategic goals. With experience from a...
  • Dorte Carstensen

    Consultant in Denmark
    Dorte is a certified consultant in Denmark.
  • Lisbeth Borup

    Consultant in Denmark
    20+ years’ experience as HR Professional and Economist within the Financial Industry and have worked with Business Transformation and Change Management, International Leadership Development, Business ...
  • Peter Mattsson

    Consultant in Denmark
    Jeg er en udviklingsorienteret HR-konsulent med rødder i personalejuraen. Jeg har de sidste 10 år bevæget mig på både arbejdsgiversiden og på arbejdstagersidenUdover en skarp juridisk profil, har jeg ...
  • Bo Krüger

    Consultant in Denmark
    Specialties: facilitation, innovation, creativity, Meeting design, positive psychology, improvisation, train-the-trainer, gamification.
  • Jesper Vinge

    Consultant in Denmark
    Jesper is a certified consultant in Denmark.
  • Maiken Vørs Jeppesen

    Consultant in Denmark
    DEVELOPMENT OF PEOPLE, TEAMS & ORGANIZATIONS:- Leadership development- Training and workshops in personal development- Teambuilding- Coaching- Conference speaker- Organizational development proces...
  • Christian Erritsø

    Consultant in Denmark
    In my work, I have been nurturing a passion: Helping people excel at what they do. I do this by providing the right framework and leadership, effective tools and proper feedback to solve the task at h...
  • Louise Hougaard Lauesen

    Consultant in Denmark
    Erfaren HR-, ledelses-, organisations- og proceskonsulentAnalytisk og udviklingsorienteret konsulent med mere end 15 års erfaring fra den kommunale sektor. Jeg er en erfaren HR-, ledelses- organisatio...
  • Hanne Obling

    Consultant in Denmark
    Jeg er strategisk og visionær, forstår at operationalisere strategi til konkrete handlinger og tænker ihelheder og fremtid. Dette hjælper mig til at skabe gode relationer på tværs af organisationen og...
  • Thomas Møldrup

    Consultant in Denmark
    Help organisations succeed with large scale change and business transformation. Dedicated to achieve REAL change and business impact through focused leadership, learning and communication. Specialties...
  • Susanne Fogh

    Consultant in Denmark
    Acting as sparring partner for managers in Danske BankLeadership and Team Development, Performance Management,Workforce Planning, Organisational Development, Change Management, Talent & Succession...
  • M. Pluijmers

    Consultant in the Netherlands
    Als A&O-psycholoog word ik enthousiast van het analyseren en helpen van mensen binnen organisaties, zowel individueel als in groepsverband. Ik ondersteun medewerkers bij het bepalen van hun talent...
  • Stine Lou Fehrend

    Consultant in Denmark
    Målrettet og engageret konsulent og leder, med solid erfaring indenfor IT-ledelse, digital transformation og forandringsledelse. Jeg brænder for at udvikle andre mennesker, organisationer og mig selv,...
  • Leah Heiberg

    I have been working at Actee and enabled others to facilitate the concepts.
  • Kristine sele reinhard

  • Walter Berden

    Consultant in Belgium
  • Paul Galante

    Senior Faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)
  • Sandra Schönborn

    Consultant in Germany, Haufe Akademie
  • EvaLotta Petersson

    Consultant in Sweden, Meridio
  • Susanne Protz

    Consultant in Germany, Leadership Instruments
  • Lars Frisk Rossen

    Consultant in Denmark
    LEADERS - are who we are! LEADERS is the Consultancy devoted to Leadership in general and Change Leadership in particular. Lars is furthermore External Lecturer on the "AROS Mini MBA".
  • Cathrine Foss Stene

    Consultant in Norway
    Implement Consulting Group is a Scandinavian management consulting company with more than 750 consultants in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Germany. We help private and public sector compani...
  • Steen Rassing

    Consultant in Denmark
    Relationer, lederskab, samarbejde og forandring er kernen i mit virke.Mit primære virke er som psykoterapeut og parterapeut samt arbejdet som supervisor og underviser indenfor det psykoterapeutiske fe...
  • Christina Hersom

    Consultant in Denmark
    I know, that all changes in organizations starts and ends with human beings. After all these years, I’m still fascinated by what people think, say and do, when they're gathered around a common task – ...
  • Anette Kristensen

    Consultant in Denmark
    Jeg arbejder som Management Consultant i Implements LEAD-team (Leadership, Energy,Assessment & Development). Jeg har arbejdet som konsulent siden 1995 og beskæftiger mighovedsageligt med større fo...
  • Amanda Marie-Anne Sochon

    Consultant in Sweden
    Amanda is our trusted partner in Sweden.
  • Dennis Lillelund

    Consultant in Denmark
    Experienced Human Resources Development Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the mechanical or industrial engineering industry. Skilled in Talent Management, HR Consulting, Personnel M...
  • Nikolaj Dyring

    Consultant in Denmark
    Nikolaj is a certified consultant in Denmark.
  • Bjarke Nielsen

    Consultant in Denmark
    Bjarke is a certified consultant in Denmark.
  • Stina Anna Hedin

    Consultant in Sweden
    Stina is a certified consultant in Sweden.
  • Maria Paul

    Consultant in Germany, MP Management
  • Alvilde Noa Windelboe Andreasen

  • Oliver A. Mann

    45 years old. Certified Systemic & Agile Coach, with over 15 years of experience in Facilitating, Training and Coaching. References e.g. ING DiBa, Haufe Lexware, RWE innogy.
  • Michael Hoffmann

    Als ISO zert. Business Coach (ISO 17024), Dozent der CoachTrainerAkademieSchweiz und Berater begleite ich Untenehmen in den Veränderungsprozessen. Ich unterstütze Sie dabei Ihre Mitarbeiter ins Boot z...
  • Dirk Jan Bolderheij

    Consultant in Holland
    Dirk is our trusted partner in the Netherlands.
  • Klaus Haltrup

    Consultant in Denmark
    Hvordan sikrer du, at du og din organisation er agile og på forkant med udviklingen? Hvordan håndterer du gennemgribende forandringer, når raketten har mistet fart, og du nu spørger dig selv, om du ha...
  • Yaron Blumenthal

    Consultant in Israel
    A well experienced managment consultant in the fields of change management & execution. I bring 15 years of proven track record, working with dozens of companies in Israel's business sector. Durin...
  • Katrine Kent

    Consultant in Denmark
    Læringsforløb| Anerkendende Følgeskab| Faglig feedback | Praksisnær Kompetenceudvikling | Forældrepartnerskaber | Stresscoaching - Potentialehuset understøtter udvikling for ledere, teams og medarbejd...
  • Birgitte Svinth

    Consultant in Denmark
    For tiden løser jeg særligt opgaver indenfor følgende områder:1. Forandringsledelse - lær disciplinen gennem simulation og skab et fælles sprog2. MUS i strategisk perspektiv - revitalisering med fremt...
  • Finn Salomonsen

    Consultant in Denmark
    Erfaren konsulent med dokumenterede resultater fra alle mulige og umulige forandrings- ogudviklingsprocesser, konflikthåndtering, supervision, samt leder- og personaletræning. Afgørende fokuspå enkle ...
  • Liselotte Søndergaard

    Consultant in Denmark
    Feel free to reach out or connect - I am a networker ;-)I am passionate in changing change and in the change management field I professional assist managers, executives, project managers and change ma...
  • Sofie Halkjær

    Consultant in Denmark
    I am a passionate, holistic, selfemployeed Change Expert and Trainer.My favorite quotes are: "What is done by heart is absolutely effective" & "You need to leave the coast out of sight to discover...
  • Katia Van Belle

    Consultant in Belgium
    Soms heb je een geweldig idee. Je gelooft erin en wilt het zeker realiseren. Dus je start een project, zoekt mensen om erbij te helpen, je vindt budget. En je gaat aan de slag. Maar een tijd later ste...
  • Frank Franke

    Consultant in Germany
    Ich beschäftige mich in erster Linie mit den Themen Change Management und Führungskräfteentwicklung. Ich begleite Unternehmen und Führungskräfte und Teams durch Veränderungsprozesse, angefangen bei Tr...
  • Jesper Gregersen

    Jesper is our trusted partner in Denmark.
  • Certified Consultants

    Certified Consultants
    First step in our Partner Program. How to get the badge? - To put on your website and more.Gain a certification in one of our concepts from one of our Alliance Partners.Click link below to see a list ...
  • Strategic Partners

    Strategic Partners
    Second step in our Partner Program. How to get the badge? - To put on your website and more.Run Actee sessions with clients on a regular basis. Be able to run internal certification courses.Click link...
  • Martin Hansen

    Martin takes care of technical, business developing stuff. And also support and administrative tasks. 
  • Camilla Boyhus Madsen

    Communications & Social Media Manager
  • Louis René Gjøl

    Junior Data Analyst & Support
  • Anders Thorup Schmidt

    Learning Consultant
  • Mathias Bjørnshauge

    Director of Strategic Partnerships
  • Maja Spangsberg Krogstrup

    Communications & Development Manager
  • Leif Sørensen

  • Harald

  • Pieter de Swart

    Coach, management consultant, day chairman, facilitator and trainer. Extensive experience in assessments, consultancy, executive coaching and training, coaching of startups / scale-ups, particularly i...
  • Per Ahlstedt

    20 years Change manager experience from local and global organizations, within public and private sector.
  • Rasmus Kyndal

  • Roger Minton

    I am a consultant specialising in Executive education and leadership development. I spend periods of time inside global organisations as an interime leader - usually Head of Talent and/or Learning
  • Ellen Hermsen

    Adviseur, assesor,coach en trainer. Nadruk ligt op bouwen aan persoonlijke ontwikkeling: inzicht geven in eigen (on) mogelijkheden, talenten en kracht binnen de organisatie context waarin iemand funct...
  • Julie Kjær Clemmensen

    I am a HR and Change Management professional with 15 years experience from different sectors (IT, Finance, FMC, Telco) in the private industry. With a background as HR manager and people manager, my ...
  • Elmar Jung

  • Janine Müller

  • Jerard Scorgie

  • Yaron Blumenthal

    Blumenthal & Co. provides organizational solutions to business challenges, enabling sustainable performance. We help individuals & teams to effectively manage in complex business environments, challen...
  • Maria Paul

  • Erik S. Andersen

    Experienced management consultant in the fields of process - project & change management.
  • Silke Irmscher

    Trainer and Coach from Germany living in Indonesia that supports individuals, teams and companies through times of cultural transition and change.
  • Maarten Koenen

    With nearly 20 years of experience in Change Management I can make the ActeeChange journey even more exciting.
  • Implement senior consultant who is running leadership development programs and organisational design projects.
  • Inken Risse

  • Torben Voigt

    HR Forretningspartner & Lead Auditor MPO & MMCR
  • Steffen Löfvall

  • Hello its me!
  • Jørgen Aalbæk

  • Chisato Straumann

  • imbert

    As a freelance, I work for Implement Consulting Group and deliver workshop on chnage based on Actee change game
  • Sebastian Quirmbach

    Sebastian Quirmbach is a seasoned leadership coach and trainer. He is fascinated by the complexities of change and passionate about helping leaders, teams and organizations reach their full potential....
  • Edyta

  • Marianne Kirknes Stenslet