Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions are provided here. If you are unable to find an answer to your question, please get in touch.

  In General

 What is an ActeeChange Simulation Game?

Watch this animated introduction to the ActeeChange game simulations. 

 What is an ActeeLeadership Simulation Game?

Watch this animated introduction to the ActeeLeadership game simulations.

 What is an ActeeCommunication Simulation Game?

Watch this animated introduction to the ActeeCommunicatiom game simulations.

 What Kind of Matrials Do I Need to Play a Game-Scenario?

You do not need any materials to play an Actee game-scenario. But not even a hand out you ask? 

No, with the new platform we have adjusted the game-scenarios, so you do not need hand outs. All the text are now in the game scenario.

But should you still prefer to use the hand outs you can find them as PDF´s in the toolbox, where you can download and print them yourself.

You access the toolbox by clicking the 'Actee Login' button in the top right corner.  

If you would still like for us to print and send you the hand outs, you need to order a minimum of 50 binders. Each binder costs 7 euros. 

Send your order request to



  Prices & Subscriptions

 What Kind of Subsciption Should I Choose?

Monthly Subscription Total rate - min 3 mo. 14 € / mo. 42 € / 90 days.
Annual Subscription Total rate - min 12 mo. 7 € / mo. 84 € / yr.
This includes:
Access to all Games and Tools Data Module Session Builder

Total rate - min 12 mo. 120 € / mo. 1440 € / yr.
To gain access to the platform all users need an individual user subscription
This includes: Access to all games and tools Data Module Session Builder Case Customization Create Courses Function Support Module White Label Setup Full Case Admin Privat Label Toolbox


  • 100 x 90 days accesses: 3350€ ~ 25.000Dkr. (20% discount)   
  • 100 x yearly accesses: 6700€ ~ 50.000Dkr. (20% discount)   

We can send traditional invoices for purchase of above bulk packages. The accesses will be added to your pool once payment is confirmed. Alternatively, you can pay via credit card and get them immediately. 

 My Payment for Subscription Fails?

If your payment was declined, one of the most common reasons is Do not honor - financial jargon for "The payment was declined by your card issuer, and they won't tell us why". 

To prevent this from happening again, call your card issuing bank, tell them that the transaction was declined by them (you can mention "error code 05 - do not honor") and ask them to allow future payments from Actee

After they confirm that future payments will go through it is recommended to wait 30 minutes before trying to pay for the subscription or session again.

It is also important to make sure that:

  • You entered the correct CVV code (the 3 digits on the back of your card)
  • You've entered the correct billing information (Adress, Country ect.)
  • The card is approved for international/online purchases
  • There are sufficient funds available
  • The card is not expired or canceled
  • The card has not been reported stolen or lost

Alternatively, you can always try with a different card, as that may also do the trick.

PS: If you don't have the number of your card issuing bank, it may show on the back of your card.

 How Can I Buy a Flooboard?

You can buy a floorboard by sending an email to
The price for an ActeeChange floorboard including four boats with stakeholders is 2000 euros. VAT excluded.
The price of additional boats including stakeholders is 270 euros. VAT excluded.

 How Can I Buy a Coaching Board?

You can buy a coaching board by sending an email to
The price for an ActeeChange coaching board including one boat with stakeholders is 400 euros. VAT excluded.
The price of additional boats including stakeholders is 200 euros. VAT excluded.

 What is a Superuser?

As a superuser you have access to all games and tools on the Actee Hub. Furthermore, a superuser can be invited into any customized hub by a hub owner. With access to a customized hub, a superuser can use the Game Builder tool, which enables you to develop games with your own storyline and theories.

As a superuser you can have access to several hubs as long as you are invited into the customized hubs by the hub owners.

 What is a Hub Owner?

Every customized hub has one hub owner! The hub owner is a white label admin, which means that the hub owner can customize the hub with color, logo, and pictures. Furthermore, the hub owner can create a customized toolbox containing all documents relevant for the use on the hub. This means that a hub owner can pick all relevant documents from the Actee Toolbox or any other relevant documents and add them to the customized toolbox.

The hub owner controls superuser access to the customized hub and has to invite new superusers into the hub. A user can only get access by upgrading to superuser subscription.

It is possible for a hub owner to transfer the hub ownership to a superuser. This can only be done with the help from Actee support.


 How Do I Register?

Go to the top right corner on the website and click on the button, which says ACTEE LOGIN. Then you get to the signup form – enter your email select a password, or sign up via LinkedIn or Facebook. We will not display anything on your social media pages. Then you get to the log-in page, where you need to log in with the information you just registered with. Now you have reached the platform and can choose between joining a session or signing up. Choose ‘join a session’ if you have received an invitation with a session ID. If you do not have a session ID, choose ‘signup’ and choose the kind of access that fits your needs.

 What Is the Actee Platform and How Do I Use it?

 How Do I Use the Session Builder Tool to Create a Learning Process?

 I Am Experiencing Technical Difficulties

The site will not stop loading and the Actee-symbol continues pumping...

You are not able to enter a game...

You can click on a module, but nothing happens...

Or perhaps other forms technical difficulties.

We really apologise for the inconvenience. Most likely you can fix it by clearing your cache. Here is a guide on how to do just that.  

 How to Start a Singleplayer Game

Step 1 

Log in.

Step 2 

All games are sorted under our three concepts: ActeeChange, which is about change management, ActeeLeadership, which is about leadership development and ActeeCommunication, which is about strengthening communication with stakeholders. Under each concept are a variety of game scenarios.


Step 3

Choose games.


Step 4

Start new game.


Step 5

Choose a game. 

 What is the Multiplayer Function? Step 1.


Our new multiplayer function allows participants to cooperate throughout the game regardless of being in the same location and who plays at different times. The participants are able to suggest the choices they find the most beneficial. If the group members agree to the suggestion, the simulation will move on to the next step, if they do not agree, they will have to make new suggestions. If participants for some reason are unable to reply to a suggestion, the other members can choose to “force” an answer. The idea is that participants can play the game together in different locations.

 What is the Multiplayer Function? Step 2.

When using the multiplayer function all participants need their own device.

 What is the Multiplayer Function? Step 3.

In the multiplayer mode you start by making individual choices.

 What is the Multiplayer Function? Step 4.


Then you need to discuss the choices with your group and choose how to proceed. This creates reflection on multiple levels.  

 What is the Multiplayer Function? Step 5.

As a facilitator using the multiplayer you can get an overview of the groups' positions and show these via the tool called Session View. You can project it onto a big screen from your computer and spark discussion on how the groups have come to their decisions.

 How do I use the tool ChangeLive?

This is a short guide on how to create your project in our ChangeLive tool. ChangeLive helps you track projects that leads to changes in your organization, and by tracking in ChangeLive, you get a better understanding of what you can do to secure a smooth change process and manage your stakeholders.

 How Do I Use the ChangeMeter?

What is a ChangeMeter?
The ChangeMeter is short survey with six questions. It allows you to discover the discrepancy between how you think your stakeholders view the change process and how your employees/stakeholders ACTUALLY see the change process. It simply reveals the gap, and makes certain areas stand out, which helps focus your efforts.


How to Use It?
You start by answering the six questions in the survey yourself and thereafter send the same questions to your employees/stakeholders. You answer the questions by moving the dot to either end of the scale. Remember to answer the questions from the perspective of your stakeholders/employees.


How Long Does It Take?
Answering the six questions and sending out the survey will take you about 30 minutes. Then you will get back the average sum of the recipients answers, which gives you an instant overview. After using the ChangeMeter survey you will need time to decide which of the areas you want to work with, and how to do it.




 Is Actee Safe?

Actee complies all applicable encryption rules and secures your information against potential intruders.

 Can People see my Personal Information?

The answer is short and simple - no. Your private digital data is safe with us.

  Technical Difficulties

 The site will not stop loading and the Actee-symbol continues pumping...

You are not able to enter a game...

You can click on a module, but nothing happens...

Or perhaps another kind of technical difficulty..?

We really apologise for the inconvenience. Most likely you can fix it by clearing your cache. 

How to clear cache in Chrome
How to clear cache in Firefox
How to clear cache in Safari 
How to clear cache in Explorer and Edge*

*If you still experience technical problems, it might help to try the game or tool in another browser. Some browsers are more updated than others. Here is our experience with the different browsers:

Try and change your browser:

Chrome  (most used)
Safari (great)
Firefox (perfect)
Edge (will work too) 
Explorer (is outdated but might run anyway)     


It still doesn't work...

If changing browser doesn’t help and you keep getting this message, you are probably getting a bit irritated but please stay with us for little longer.  

It will help us tremendously if you send an email to with this information:

Name of the game you are playing or the tool you are using. 
(If in a game) The chapter where you are getting this error. 
(If in a game) If you remember the choice you took just before the error.
Your user email (login info). 
The browser you are using.

If you panic or are in a hurry you can do two things 

  1. Call us at 0045 70707505 and scream “SUPPORT!!!!” 
  2. Use the chat box in the bottom of the page when you get to