One of the values you will gain is a network of other certified Actee´vist from all over the world.

Click here to see who already have the certification www.actee.com/partners 

It's super easy to get the certification, you just to sign up for the system certification modules that we have extended to be a 100% online certification.

Click below to sign up and get the overview.  

Your Actee certification is 3 modules facilitated 100 % online. This process will give you insights to the Actee technology and system knowledge on how to facilitate Actee games online. This part is run by Actee and will be conducted 100% online. You sign up directly in the section below. Prices are fixed. 


You can choose to sign up to additional courses related to how you facilitate face to face, build games or use the profile section in one of the 3 modules Leadership, Change or Communication. You can choose between below modules created and conducted by a selection of our prime partners. All sessions is build on a subject matter interesting for our partner. All workshops are run by a partner you sign up at the partners page. Prices have to be discuss with the specific partner who run the workshop. Everytime you participate in a model you can registre the module under you profile and we will then add ir to your profile on the parter page. https://actee.com/partners/  

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us on info@actee.com or phone 0045 70707505 or hit the chat box below to the right.