The Actee Awards 2023

Get ready to celebrate excellence with the Actee Awards! We've got three fantastic honours that highlight the best of the best, all inspired by our deep knowledge of what our clients are up to:

The Actee Game Builder of The Year 2023
The Actee Facilitator of The Year 2023
The Actee'Vist of The Year 2023

These awards shine a spotlight on the incredible talents within the Actee community. Join us as we applaud and recognize these outstanding achievers!

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The Actee Awards & Nominees

Disclaimer for the Actee Awards

The Actee Awards are a celebration of excellence within our community, recognizing individuals who have made outstanding contributions to our shared goals. We want to clarify the process and criteria for selecting award winners to ensure transparency and fairness.

Selection Process

The winners of the Actee Awards are chosen by the Actee team. Our decision-making process is based on internal intelligence, experiences, and a thorough review of nominees' contributions to our community. While we have established criteria for each award, the final choice of award recipients is entirely at the discretion of our team.

Award Criteria

We have specific criteria for each award category, which can be found below. These criteria help guide our decision-making process and ensure that our winners are truly deserving of recognition.


The Actee Game Builder of The Year 2023 Nominees

The Actee Gamebuilder of the Year Award acknowledges exceptional creators in the educational gaming realm. Our evaluation focuses on critical elements, including engaging gameplay, clear learning objectives, effective feedback systems, adaptive learning, mastery of multiple games and tools, and seamless integration of learning content. Furthermore, we place a strong emphasis on outstanding collaboration with the Actee team and respect for the mission to change the world using games. These criteria serve as the foundation for selecting the Gamebuilder of the Year, recognizing organizations that excel in crafting outstanding learning games.



Smart HRD


The Actee Facilitator of The Year 2023 Nominees

The Actee Facilitator of the Year Award acknowledges exceptional individuals who demonstrate excellence in utilizing learning games for education. Several key elements are considered in the evaluation process.

These elements, such as engagement, clear communication, adaptability, subject mastery, problem-solving, motivation, innovation, and measurable impact, serve as the foundation for identifying outstanding facilitators who significantly contribute to learning through learning games. Additionally, the Facilitator of the Year also exhibits exceptional collaboration with the Actee team, further enhancing their impact on the mission to change the world using games. 

Warren Cass from Hivemind Group

Vera de Swart from Smart HRD

Ian Sturgess as an Independent Consultant

Astrid Schmalmack from PAWLIK Consultants

Audrey Henrichsen from PAWLIK Consultants

Lionel Imbert as an Independent Consultant

Jakob Møller Hansen from Comentor


The Actee'Vist of The Year 2023 Nominees

The Actee'Vist of the Year Award recognizes individuals who enthusiastically champion Actee's mission of changing the world using games. This award celebrates those who spread the word about Actee games and tools through various means, including word of mouth, social influence, and community building. Actee'Vists inspire others by sharing their positive experiences and fostering connections among Actee enthusiasts. Their efforts lead to increased awareness and adoption of games, contributing significantly to their growth and impact on the use of games. Furthermore, the Actee'Vist of the Year is recognized for outstanding collaboration with Actee.

Vera de Swart from Smart HRD

Régis Lemmens from Sales Cubes

Bill Robinson from PwC Middle East

Marlena Sofia Rasmussen from Telenor

Frank Franke from trans4motion group

Lisbeth Borup from Copenhagen Airports

Marianne Hagen from Evidi

Ida Smedheim Bjerklund formerly affiliated with Move

Bruno Lauritzen from Kamstrup

Katia Dupret from RUC

Chris Beckert from Center for Creative Leadership

Rick Maurer from Maurer & Associates

Mathias Munkholm Pedersen from Elkjøp Nordic

Katia Van Belle from Propellor

Jörg Hausmann from PAWLIK Consultants


Nominate Someone

If you believe someone within our community deserves recognition for their outstanding contributions, we encourage you to nominate them for an Actee Award. To make a nomination, please reach out to Ida at We welcome your input and appreciate your involvement in recognizing the exceptional individuals who make our community thrive.

Please keep in mind that the Actee Awards are designed to celebrate and honour those who have gone above and beyond in supporting our mission. The final selection of award winners remains an internal process, and all decisions are made with the utmost integrity and consideration.

Thank you for being a part of the Actee community and for helping us acknowledge the remarkable achievements of our members.

Announcing The Winners

The recipients of the three awards will be announced during the upcoming Annual Actee Partner Day, scheduled for January 9, 2024.

This Partner Day event is both free and conducted online; you can find more details about it by visiting our dedicated page on the event here.

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