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Center for Creative Leadership is a global leader in leadership development and has chosen to use ActeeChange as one of its tools. Paul Galante, who is Leadership Portfolio Director EMEA at Center for Creative Leadership, attended a Change Facilitator course and is one of the key figures, who will be applying it in his future work with leadership development.

He emphasizes five things that make ActeeChange a useful tool:

1. The analogy with the boat and the people getting onboard works well. It gives an easy common language.

2. It has a kinesthetic aspect- literally moving physical objects, which is quite powerful for learning.

3. Two dimensions of the concept complement each other: the simulation and the physical representation of the board, boat, and people.

4. It is customizable. The case study, including the theories, can be altered to resonate with the client situation. That versatility is great.

5. It is grounded in substantive theory, so the participants can use that as a guideline for future actions.


The Course

“The course was well structured and well-paced. Going fast enough to retain my and other participants interest, but giving enough time to build it step by step. It struck the right balance of getting people to contribute their perspectives and being directive in keeping us moving forward,” says Paul Galante, who is Leadership Portfolio Director EMEA at Center for Creative Leadership.


Future Use

Paul Galante leads a faculty group and they design leadership development programs, whereas some of them have to do with leading change. He sees mainly two ways they can use ActeeChange:

1. In formal leadership development programs to put into practice certain theories, and have a conversation around how they are going to use it in their real change projects.

2. In team-coaching for teams, who are involved in leading a change. It will give them an opportunity to be able to talk about the theories, but most important, linking it to the specific change project that they are leading.

CCL is now embarking on a game design journey for clients in the Middle East, encompassing both private and governmental sectors. ActeeChange serves as a pivotal tool in this endeavor, facilitating effective leadership development strategies in the region.

Leveraging its own theoretical frameworks and models, CCL seeks to tailor leadership development strategies to suit the unique cultural and organizational context of the Middle East, thereby enhancing effectiveness and relevance.


“Actee has been extremely responsive to our requests and having a very open partnership attitude, which is exactly what we are looking for,” says Paul Galante, Leadership Portfolio Director EMEA at Center for Creative Leadership.


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