Back To The Classroom

The times are changing - especially over the past pandemic years. Even leaving your home seemed risky at times, BUT we made it work! We managed to keep the wheels turning under the lockdown, we even reached higher speeds than ever before - thanks to digital tools. But now we want to return to the classroom! And Actee is ready for it!

A Brief Floorboard History

Back at the very start, when Actee was known as 'Relation Technologies' the first floorboard - ActeeChange - now called the Cycle board - was in the making. It went from idea to pretotype to prototype, and we have not stopped developing and optimizing the boards since. 


The First Board


The Three Board Concepts


The Actee Floorboard Hall of Fame


We have been through a lot with these floorboards, refining, developing, and improving. We have throughout the pandemic been working on the online boards to make them match your needs, BUT now we are going back to the classroom, and the physical game boards have arisen like a phoenix - better than ever before! 

The Actee Floorboards

We have been refining our floorboards while you have been busy online - but as the restrictions slowly are being lifted the floorboards are again a popular learning tool. 

We are currently sending floorboards all around the world, and are excited to see our partners start using them again. They are fully customizable, and if you order 3 we will customize the boards for you for free! 

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