Free Webinar On The 27th of September

CEO at Actee, Leif Sørensen, will give you a guided tour through our new simulator, explain the new change tool ‘ChangeMeter’ and tell you about the ‘Colleague’-case.

In an hour-long webinar, you have the chance to see the new design of the simulator and be walked through the new features. As mentioned in our previous article there is a long list of things we have changed for the better. Some of these changes will make even better sense if you experience how they actually work.

Some of you might know about the new tool called ChangeMeter. The purpose of a ChangeMeter-survey is to give you, as a leader, a tool to examine, how your employees relate to the change that you are facing, are in the middle of or are finishing. Therefore ChangeMeter is a tool that can be applied all the way through a change process in order to gain knowledge of how the employees understand the change and if they feel equipped to handle it.  ChangeMeter gives you as a leader an option to make a quick status measurement of your change. Your employee’s responses will enable you to navigate better in the change, and identify where you need to put in an extra effort and which areas need less focus. ChangeMeter supports your change work and helps you succeed with implementing your change. Learn more about how to use it by joining the webinar.

The ‘Colleague’-case is about employee involvement. It is designed for an employee session in the department that gives insight and a common language about the changes happening in the company. Employees become reflective about the DNA of a change cycle and their own role in the process and in the success of implementing something new – in this case changing to a new IT system. In the webinar, you will learn more about how to use it and its structure.

The webinar will be from 2 pm to 3 pm on the 27th of September and you can join via Skype on this link

The webinar will be in English.