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JTI (Japan Tobacco International) is a company that has decided to use Actee as a tool to train its managers and leaders on a global scale.

In this interview, Justyna Rozmysłowska-Wize who is the Learning & Development, Expert Manager, at JTI explains the considerations she did and why JTI wanted to use Actee in their people-development work.  

Justyna explained the importance of gamification within the program for leaders and employees. She talks about why games have been the perfect option for JTI and her team as a learning activity. She also tells why she thinks Actee deserves the Gold prize as the best simulation and gaming tool from Brandon Hall.

Please check the full video below.

About the company


JTI - Japan Tobacco International is the international tobacco division of Japan Tobacco, a leading international tobacco product manufacturer. The holding company is JT International SA which is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, and JTI sells its brands in 120 countries.

As of 2022, JTI employed around 40,000 people around the world at 130 offices, 27 factories, five research and development centers, and five tobacco-processing facilities. Owning brands like Winston, CAMEL, LD, and more. Go here to see more: https://www.jti.com/about-us  

In the video, Justyna Rozmysłowska-Wize talks about the valuable reflections with participants when they play and Justyna is spotting the value games are creating for the learners. She also gives a rich insight into the value of the feedback the game gives after a play round and how to use the feedback created from games in the sessions.

Justyna also points to the complexity as one of the values created by using games - she also compares Actee games to regular quizzes and states that games from Actee are creating value due to the layers of the theory they contain and the fact that you need to reflect on specific dilemmas realistic to the players' everyday work-life situations.    

You can enjoy the short version video (1 min) link here 

Here are some highlights from the interview

Results from using games

  • JTI has obtained a common Language.
  • Employees' engagement and involvement are very high thanks to the game theories.
  • Players can easily transfer learnings from the games to everyday work life.
  • Players are able to use the theory they learn about in the games.
  • When playing games players get a stronger focus on Leadership.
  • Games give a better understanding of management compared to a regular learning situation.


Direct quotes from the interview

"What I like a lot is this really deep dive teaching content behind the model."

Then you select your one, your preferred one and this is something like what makes this game so funny for me. Then you can observe how your decision impacts the entire environment.

“ And then it occurred that having online simulation that is included in the live virtual training, was the most beneficial part of this live virtual experience for our leaders.”


Justyna Rozmislowsca-Wize
L&D Expert Manager
JTI- Japanese Tobacco International

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