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We believe that the best way to learn is by doing, so what better way to understand us than by testing a game yourself?

Create Your Own Multiplayer Games

If you know how to make an online quiz, then you are MORE than qualified to build a serious game!

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Create engagement in your learning and development session with Cycle. Create your own cases and follow the circular process until the end – Can you make it a success?

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Cards is a game for self-reflection and discussions; more specifically on one focus area, biases, communication and strengths.

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Bubble games simulate complex cases with multiple conflicting outcomes, where keeping an eye on relevant factors will aid you in making the right decision.

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Here you will find the answers you are looking for.

Just check the list on the right side or go to the search bar on the top and write a keyword.

You can also just chat with us, send an email at info@actee.com or call at +4570707505   (Also Whatsapp).

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Get Started With Actee


You register by creating a user in a few simple steps.


Before you register, it's a good idea to check if your organization is already active with a customized subscription. 





If you are independent and not assigned any customized subscriptions or specific sessions, this is how you register:

  1. Click the button Actee Login in the top right corner.
  2. Unless you already have created a user log in, click the button New User.
  3. Register your name, email, and job function and create a password.
  4. Sign in with your email, password, and job function.
  5. Enjoy your free access to a handful of selected games that you can try for free. If you want full access, you must either become part of a company subscription or register your own partner module.

If you are invited to join a specific session, check out How do I join a session in the FAQ list. 



After you register as a user, you can create your own subscription, and here are the instructions on how to do it. 





  1. Click the button Actee Login in the top right corner and enter your account credentials.
  2. You will land on a page to put the name you prefer (normally related to the company you are working with).
  3. Afterward, you must select the industry of the company.
  4. Then you can choose the option that better suits your company.
  5. Read the general terms of the partnership agreement.
  6. Start using the platform and create your sessions.

Check how to create a session here.







An Actee game is a simulation of leadership and/or management situations. These simulations are based on theoretical knowledge of the topics that are covered. The simulations aim to deal with common issues within the fields of change management, leadership, and communication.

You get to a session either through a link or with a unique Session ID.

If you are going to join a session with a Session ID, all you need to do is:

Guest user:

1. Go to actee.com and click login in the upper right corner of your screen.
2. Enter a guest name tag and enter the session ID just below. If you are using a direct link, the name of the session will appear just below your name automatically.



Registered user:

1. Login (if you haven't received a login link, find the login button on actee.com top right corner).
2. Click New User and register your name, email, job function, and create a password.
2. Sign in with your email and password.
3. Click the button Join Session.
4. Type the Session ID you have received from the facilitator/session creator and you are in.


Please let us know if you have additional questions at info@actee.com or call us at +4570707505.


You need to build sessions to facilitate games with groups and to onboard participants directly to specific content and topics.

If you want to facilitate, teach or drive a course with a group/several groups, you need to create one. A session is the only way to make groups. If you want to use the TeamChallenge function in a game, it is necessary to attach groups to a particular session. 

The advantage of working with sessions is also that you are able to onboard your users/participants directly to the content (games and tools) that you have chosen for the session. You invite users to your session by sharing the Session ID/name sending a link or only the ID of the set session.


The Session Creator is a tool you use to build sessions.

When you use this, you have to complete a certain number of steps, where you are guided to fill out the needed information to design your customized session: 

  1. Give your session a name/ID.
  2. The number of participants to join the session.
  3. The number of groups you will divide the participants into.
  4. The maximum number of participants in each group.
  5. The start and end date of the session (determining the time for joining the session with the ID you have created).
  6. Choose the specific games and tools you want to use for the session.
  7. You have the option of inviting fellow consultants to join the session with the same access rights as you.
  8. Add licenses to the session and you are ready to invite the participants.

It's up to you if you want the participants to prepare for the course by creating a user beforehand or if you just want them to create a user and log in as part of the course.


We have a wide range of digital facilitation tools and games that will transform your workshop from a dull webinar to a session with flair!

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The Solution Lab

Online facilitation is the new black, and our virtual lab has everything you need! 

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Become the super-user you know you can be, and provide impeccable gamification tools and facilitation through Actee.

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